Shady Grove

Am] Shady Grove, [G] my little love,
[Am] Shady [G] Grove I [Am] know
[Am] Shady Grove, [G] my little love,
I’m [Am] bound for the [G] Shady [Am] Grove.

Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall
If I can’t have my Shady Grove, I’ll have no one at all.

Cheeks as red as a blooming rose, eyes of the deepest brown
She is the darling of my heart, prettiest girl in town.

The first time I saw Shady Grove, she was standing at the door,
Shoes and stockings in her hand, little bare feet on the floor.

I wish I had a glass of wine and bread and meat for two;
I’d set it all on a golden plate and give it all to you.

If I had no horse at all I’d be found a-crawlin’
Up and down this mountain road, a-looking for my darling–

The very next time I go that road, and it don’t look so dark and grazy,
The very next time I come that road, I’ll stop and see my daisy.