One More Night by Tanglefoot

Violin break: G- Am – C – G (i’m not really sure what chords go behind this part, but I play these chords)

Verse: D – C – G
Chorus: Em – C – G – D
Em – C – Am – C – G

D                                     C                                                                                                               G
In the fall of 1883 I had just one more load, Of coal for the Cornish Jacks in the Silver Islet Mine

G                                                  D                                                                      G

Beneath the icy waves they picked and hacked at the silver caves, The coal fires kept them dry.

D                                                                                                             C
And I never once did think that just a couple drinks could cause that mine to die.

Violin break: G- Am – C – G

For 17 good years I’ve been a faithful captain here always had an eye for the weather
And it’s an easy thing to say, if you’re looking for someone to blame
That the captain should have known better
And everyone still thinks that the captain’s love of drink is why that silver mine died.


Em                                                          C

I could hear the voice of gin whisper in my ear,

C                                                          G                               D

Or maybe it was Sally saying “Who’s the captain here?
Em                                                          C
The Tuttle is your ship, and you surely have the right,

Am                    ( C/b?)                              C

To set the time of sail, and to stay here where it’s warm
One More Night.


The captain of my ship and the master of my pride
but still there’s an undertow in every sailor’s mind
And the blue of Sally’s eyes and the warmth of her thighs
Spoke to me in terms that could not be denied
I turned my back on the lake, thinking she would wait
and give me a little more time.

With gin and love half-crazed we’d lain there for three days
When I staggered to the window to catch a breath of air
I remember Sally laughed as an icy winter blast
Caught me in the face and snapped back my hair
And one thought filled my head, as I fell back on the bed
that silver mine’s gonna die.


We stoked the boilers hot, but the Tuttle she was caught
No way to get the lake to change her stubborn mind
There was no way to entice that wretched winter ice
To leave a channel open to the Silver Islet Mine
With no coal to fire the pumps, in November all at once
The lake had drowned that mine.
In the fall of 1883, just one more load of coal would have saved the Silver Islet Mine
Now I know that I’m to blame, and I must bear the shame
But try to understand the nature of my crime
I was unfaithful to the lake, she raged at my mistake she wanted that mine to die.

Chorus x2