Dollar Bill by Tanglefoot

Chorus:   Am – C – G – Em  Am – C – G – Am

Down to the river booze on the run
Here’s Dollar Bill with his old shot gun
Jiggin’ with the law, jugglin’ the pay
Make a lot of money and give it all away

C G E Am   – C G E
Am C G       – C G E

It’s a Prohibition winter, the town is cold and dry
Along comes William Allen with a twinkle in his eye
He’s got a place by the river you can drink away the chill
Just bang on the aircraft hangar and ask for Dollar Bill

Chorus x2

The Hangar’s hot as Hades, the boiler’s stoked with wood
The rafters ring with laughter but it’s always understood
If you’re getting out of hand proving you’re a man, drinking the booze you bought
You’ll hear from Billy’s 12-guage, ’cause it’s Bill who calls the shots

Chorus x2

The Cataraqui River is where he hides his gin
Wearing women’s pantaloons not meant for swimming in
No matter if you laugh he don’t care what you think
Billy’s got his reasons for those frilly underthings

Chorus x2

There’s a remedy in Billy’s heart for a town that’s cold and dry
Coats and hats for the village kids his revnues will buy
Ill-gotten gain and good things come from Billy’s still
Not a dollar for himself, the man called Dollar Bill

Chorus x3