The Galway Shawl

Near Oranmore, in the County Galway
Em                                              C
One pleasant evening in the month of May
I spied a damsel she was young and handsome
Em                                 C
Her beauty fairly took my breath away


She wore no jewels or costly diamonds
No paint or powder, no none at all
She wore a bonnet with a ribbon on it

Em                                                     C – D- G
And around her shoulder was the Galway shawl

As we kept on walking, she kept on talking
Till her fathers cottage came into view
Said she Come in , Sir, and meet my father
And for to please him play the Foggy Dew
I played the Blackbird and the Stack of Barley
Rodney’s Glory and the Foggy Dew
She sang each note like an Irish Linnet
And the tears flowed in her eyes of blue


‘Twas early, early, all in the morning
I took the road for old Donegal
Said she Goodbye Sir, I dried my eye for
My heart remained with the Galway shawl