Jack The Green by Tanglefoot

Lyrics: Joe Grant and Steve Ritchie, Music: Joe Grant, Steve Ritchie and Bob Wagar

Am                                                                   G
Now Jack the Green was a fiery man, Came to Canada West from the old Ireland

Am                                                                  G                                               Am
And when his working day was done, He was off to town to have some fun

Standing by the hotel door
He says, “Now lads, I’m back for more.
You know the pleasure of Jack the Green:
It’s crackin’ skulls and beatin’ brains


C                                                                              C
Jack the Green with a drop of the craither, Jack the Green there was none any braver
Am                                                          G                                           Am
Fist come down, voice beller out, “I can lick any damn man here”

Now David he was old Jack’s son
A farming lad and a gentleman
It made the young man rather sad
To see the ways of his fighting dad
Standing by the hotel door
He’s yelling, “Dad! There’ll not be more!”
Says Jack, “Me lad, I’ve scarce begun!
Now grab a pint and join in the fun.”


Says Dave, “You know, it’s midnight.
Now you’ve had your drink and you’ve had your fight.
Tomorrow it’s the Lord’s own day
So grab your hat and we’ll be on our way.”
Now sixteen men were laid out flat
Old Jack the Green well he tips his hat
He says, “Now lads, better get some sleep
I’ll be back again in another week!”