Little Birdie

G                                             D                                          G

Little birdie, little birdie, Come and sing me your song,

G                                                 D                               G

Got a short time to stay here, and a long time to be gone

Rather be in some dark hollow
Where the sun don’t ever shine
Than for you to be another man’s darling
And to know that you’d never be mine

Little birdie, little birdie
What makes you fly so high
When you know that my true lover
Is a-waiting in the sky

I’m a long way from old Dixie
And my old Kentucky home
Got no father or mother
No place to call my home

Little birdie, little birdie
What makes your head so red
Well, after all that I been through
It’s a wonder I ain’t dead

Married woman, married woman
Why don’t you settle down
Your heart’s like the little birdie’s
You’re flying all around

Little birdie, little birdie
Won’t you sing to me your song
You’ve caused me lots of trouble
You’ve caused me to do wrong

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