Will Ye Go Lassie Go by Francis/William McPeake

Written By  Francis/William Mc Peake, Made famous by The Clancys And Tommy Makem. This song was written and copyrighted in the 1950s and is one of the most recorded songs ever. Here are a few of the most well known singers to have recorded it – The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem, The McPeak Family, Joan Baez With Bob Dylan, The Strawbs [B.Side Part Of The Union] Van Morrison, Rod Stewart who called it Purple Heather reached No. 16 in the charts, Mark Knopfler, Mary Ann Faithful.

Oh the [D]summer[G]time is [D]coming

And the [G]tree’s are sweetly [D]blooming,

And the[ G]wild [D]mountain [Bm]thyme,

Grows[G] around the [Em]blooming [G]heather

Will you[ D]go [G]lassie [D]go


And we’ll [G]all go to[D]gether,

To pluck [G]wild [D]mountain [Bm]thyme,

All a[G]round the [Em]blooming [G]heather,

Will you [D]go [G]lassie [D]go.

I will [D]build my [G]love a [D]tower,

By yon [G]pure crystal [D]fountain,

And [G]on it [D]I will [Bm]pile,

All the [G] flowers [Em]on the [G]mountain,

Will you[D] go[G] lassie[D] go


If my [D]true love [G]she were [D]gone,

I would [G]surely find an[D]other,

Where [G]wild [D]mountain [Bm]thyme,

Grows a[G]round the [Em]blooming [G]heather,

Will you[D] go[G] lassie[D] go


Repeat 1st verse + Chorus



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