Return Of Ringo by Ennio Morricone


Am G Em

I kiss at last the beloved ground on my land

Am G Em

That I left one day with my heart, heart full of pain

  C Am Em

I have looked in the faces of my old friends

  C Am Em

But now do you look at me as my old friend

Am G Em

And now what happens you must, you must tell me

  Am G A

You must remember who I am.

C Am F C Am

If you see a man with downcast eyes and ragged clothes

C Am F C E7

Walking through your village don’t shut him but go at his side

  C Am Em C Em D

I’m that man and now I beg you help me, i need you…I need you.

Am G Em

The liar who told my sweetheart I was dead

Am G Em

To take my place, he shall pay for this base lie

  C Am Em

Those who saw me as a run-down man

  C Am Em

Those who tried to destroy all our world

Am G Em

Shall leave forever our beloved land

Am C D

Because we are fearless men x3



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