Dream Cafe by Greg Brown

I think the recording of this song is played in an open tuning, but here’s a standard tuning version. To create the effect of the record use pull-offs and hammer-ons on the D chord.
D                     –                         D/A                                                             G
You are the woman in the blue mask, Standing their beside your dress
G                           D                                                 A
All the things I wanted from you I never could express
D                     –                         D/A                                                             G
I thought I saw you once in Munich But you slipped away
G                           D                                                 A

I’m in the corner with a coffee at the Dream Café.

(chord interlude _ G – D)

[The rest of the verses follow the same pattern]

For once I didn’t say anything stupid My lover never once looked bored
Soldiers come in smeared with lipstick Like the last day of the war.

The band divided up the money But the drummer could not stay
He said he’s going to meet us later At the Dream Café.

When you turn from the window, In your worn-out slip
And put your eyes to my fingers While the ceiling dripped

I just could not leave you I heard a motorcycle pull away
Yes, I’ll meet you after midnight At the Dream Café.

There’s flowers now on Lynne street, And a new moon just above
They tore down all the houses Where we used to make love,

But they’d been long abandoned, When we went there anyway
And I can still smell the lilacs, In the corner of the Dream Café

We’ve only been fighting ten years Do you really have to go?
Couldn’t you reconsider And do it real, real slow?

I like livin’ with you I don’t care what you say
I don’t care who you meet At the Dream Café.

Your eyes roll back at midnight, Lost in a fantasy
I heard you cry out someone’s name And maybe it was me

But later, as we’re walking, You seem so far away
Am I the man you thought you met At the Dream Café?

I come down with a sickness I thought you were the cure
But passion seems to promise more, Than friendship can endure

You spelled it out in black and white My eyes saw shades of grey
And so I sit alone tonight At the Dream Café.

Heat lightening in the mirror And the Thunder cries out loud
I could be to you and you could be to me Just another face in the crowd

The plane don’t leave till midnight Come with me today
There’ll be plenty o’ time to be alone At the Dream Café.



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