Songs are listed A – Z by Artist.

Songs with an unknown writer or origin are featured in the Traditional section.

The chords and lyrics to songs here are provided as a guide to playing the song yourself rather than replicating the exact sound of a recording. I hope to keep updating this site with more chords for songs as I go about my life. I’m sure you can tell the current collection is not comprehensive, but I hope you find looking for.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Saw you’ve been doing some Tanglefoot songs lately. Any chance of working in One More Night? I’m a beginner ukulele player and can’t ear out a song quite yet. Thanks.

  2. Hi there,

    Really like this collection, much appreciated. Can I respectively suggest one change for accuracy, with regard to both the title and artist for one song: “Bamboo” which is listed under Peter, Paul and Mary?

    The song is actually called “River Comes Down” and was written and recorded by Dave Van Ronk in 1961, the year before the PP&M cover version. (The Peter, Paul and Mary album in question also erroneously titles the song “Bamboo”, but does accurately credit Dave Van Ronk as the songwriter.)

    Thanks again!


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